Elinor, effortless elegance!

Elinor, a laid-back bride with a vision of serenity and simplicity.

When Elinor approached me to design her bridal jewellery, she had a vision to embrace circular shapes in delicate white hues.

Not only did she ask me to craft pieces for her to wear on her special day, but Elinor also entrusted me with curating jewellery for her bridal party, including flower girls, bridesmaids, and the mothers.

With a charming blue and white colour theme, the result was a collection of bespoke porcelain jewellery that captured the essence of Elinor’s serene nature. Let’s delve into the process and see how it all came together in the beautiful photographs she kindly shared.

Embracing Elinor’s Serene Vision: Circular Shapes and Delicate Whites.

Elinor’s desire for serenity guided the design process with soft whites and circular shapes symbolising harmony and eternity. We translated this vision into delicate porcelain jewellery, capturing the essence of peace and tranquility. Her preference for understated elegance led us to create a bespoke pair of huggies with a circular shaped charm and platinum dip. These elegant earrings enhanced Elinor’s natural beauty without overpowering her style.

She also opted for small circular stud earrings for her second piercing, these offered a subtle yet enchanting addition to her overall bridal look.

The Perfect Necklace:

A Symbol of Eternity A necklace holds significance in completing a bride’s ensemble, and Elinor’s vision called for something timeless. A carefully crafted porcelain necklace that encapsulated the circular motif, representing everlasting love and unity. Elinor loved the eclipse necklace design, a delicate piece, a round porcelain disc with a platinum dip with a sterling silver disc that sits behind, it gracefully adorned Elinor’s neck, capturing the essence of her serene elegance. 

Jewellery for the Cherished Circle: Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, and Mothers.

Elinor’s thoughtful nature extended to her cherished circle of loved ones. She commissioned me to create jewellery for her flower girls, bridesmaids, and the mothers, we delved into a realm of coordinating beauty. Inspired by the blue and white colour theme of the wedding, and referencing the mums outfits and the bridesmaid dress fabric, I crafted bespoke porcelain jewellery that harmonised with the overall aesthetic, complementing their outfits and symbolising unity and love.

Working with Elinor on her bridal jewellery was a delight from start to finish. Through email, phone calls, and her generous fabric sample, we collaborated to create a collection that exuded serenity, elegance, and unity. Witnessing the pieces come to life and adorning Elinor’s closest friends and family on her special day was truly a remarkable experience. The shared photographs beautifully capture the essence of our creations, showcasing the tranquil beauty of Elinor and her cherished circle. It was an honour to be entrusted with such a significant task, and the joy derived from this collaboration will forever be cherished.